Bastion Booger

Bastion Booger
Bastion Booger Former Wrestler Banneer

Bastion Booger was an in ring wrestling persona of Michael Paul Shaw. The gimmick it is claimed; was punishment for Shaw for being overweight. Perhaps in a way of to motivate him to improve his physique. Bastion Booger was a glutton. He did not look after his appearance and his wrestling gear did not fit him very well.

Mike Shaw made one appearance for the WWF in April1993 as a character called Friar Ferguson (video below). Then he switched the gimmick ( backlash from church ) within WWF and remained with the gimmick from May 1993 until his recorded appearance for the WWF in August 1994. The Booger gimmick would still wrestle for other promotions beyond this point, so this was not the end of the gimmick.

WWF notable matches for Bastion Booger

First match under the gimmick was a win against Virgil, the same night on a different taping Virgil scored the victory. He would fight Virgil a few times sporadically on house shows etc , but it never really developed into much of an angle.

On Monday Night Raw #34: he would take part in the Intercontinental Title Match Qualifying Battle Royal. He was performing ok eliminating the 1-2-3 Kid and remaining in the match longer than Diesel , Jimmy Snuka and Mr. Perfect. Before being eliminated by Macho Man Randy Savage. The qualifiers from the match were Razor Ramon and Rick Martel. Razor Ramon going onto defeat Rick Martel for the belt the following week.

Royal Rumble 1994: should of been one of the highlights of his career. Bastion Booger was in the main event as participant number 25. He did not appear though. Vince McMahon claiming it was because he did not feel too good. This was never confirmed; it may of just been a story to cover for the no show. Perhaps this was part of the reason WWF did not keep Shaw around much longer.

World Tag Title Match: Teamed up with Bam Bam Bigalow to challenge for the titles on a house show in August 1994. Not surprisingly though the result was not a one of resurrection from no showing the Royal Rumble several months earlier. The Headshrinkers retained the belts. That pretty much brought down the curtain on the story of Bastion Booger within the WWF.

Friar Ferguson gimmick which proceeded the Booger Gimmick.

Still played an important role to the company.

Of the 5 most prominent gimmicks that Mike Shaw wrestled under and Booger was certainly the least successful in terms of winning matches. This is why he was known as being a jobber for the stars. He certainly played his part in giving some stars credibility. He had came from WCW with a respectable record under the Norman the Lunatic gimmick. Then starting losing matches to stars the WWF wanted to elevate. Regularly losing to stars such as Sparky Plug, Owen Hart, Bam Bam Bigalow, Scott Hall and the 1-2-3 Kid amongst others. Most of these up and coming stars would elevate their reputations beyond 1993, and Bastion Booger played an important part in the process of this elevation.

Booger loses to an up and coming Razor Ramon

He would often team up with Bam Bam Bigalow or Yokozuna to form a tag team opponent to a more recognised tag team in the company. I don’t think it was ever really in the long term plans to have him form a tag team which could challenge the legacies of a Demolition or a Legion of Doom.

Bastion Booger win record

Mainly his role was to enhance other talent. It does seem a bit shame in hindsight that he didn’t maybe capture a tag title even if only for a short run. To give him a little bit of glory for letting other talent use him as a springboard. Who knows the impact of the no show at the 1994 Royal Rumble had on his WWF career. Despite the good work he was doing enhancing up and coming stars, he was still let go. Perhaps he had just run his course and didn’t have the credibility any more to push wrestlers like Owen Hart and the 1-2-3 Kid on with their reputations.

After the WWF

Booger flittered around the independent circuits until 1999. He made a final cameo appearance in WWF in 2007 (maybe they appreciate the work he did for them after all) being mocked by Triple H. Sadly, Shaw died in 2010 with heart failure.