Bosses of Social Media platforms should be jailed for the worst content.

Bosses of Social Media platforms should be jailed for the worst content. That is the view of Sir Tom Winsor the chief inspector of constabulary. He makes the claim in regards to content of sexual ,terror and violent nature. Urging the government in the UK begin to investigate the chiefs of the various social media platforms.

Sir Tom Winsor

Citing that they do this in USA and that the CEO’s of these companies. They fear being potentially criminalised far worse than getting a fine. Sir Tom Winsor claims that the things that can be seen on the internet would not be tolerated on the streets. He claims that investigations should be undertaken, so that they can find out if they negligent by their own will. Stating his understanding that a full company can not go to jail, but that the CEO’s found guilty should.

Further criticisms made by Sir Tom Winsor along with claims bosses should be jailed.

This comes in a report in which he criticises the underfunding of the mental health services in the Uk. His sentiments are that more should be done. He goes onto to criticise the level of vetting which is in place for police officers to land their jobs, and claims it must improve to prevent police officers like Wayne Couzens who recently admitted murdering Sarah Everard.

It is hard to argue with any of these two points he made, however could we really be looking to send bosses of social media platforms to prison? What sort of avenues would that open up? The content clearly exists on these platforms; the government have yet to do anything to prevent the use of these platforms. By the same extension you could be claiming for the imprisonment of members of parliament for letting these social media platforms continue to operate. Knowing full well this content exists.

It just doesn’t seem feasible, and the time is likely best served working with the social media platforms to prevent the harmful content being posted. orking with them to minimise it so that people at risk are not exposed to seeing things they should not.