Demolition Tag Team Legends

Who Are Demolition?

Demolition were a wrestling tag team formed in the WWF. The team was the brain child of Randy Colley( only wrestling a few times in the tag team) and Bill Eadie. Eadie being a bit of a tag team specialist already. In 1984, Eadie had teamed with King Kong Bundy (The legend of the 5 count) to defeat the Road Warriors for the NWA National Tag Team Championship.

Demolition were initially a heel tag team. Barry Darsow replacing Colley. Darsow becoming Smash and Bill Eadie as Ax. Crush (Brian Adams) would later become part of Demolition from 1990 onwards, this was out of necessity as Bill Eadie was hospitalised after he discovered an allergy to shellfish. Vince McMahon deciding at the time he wanted cover for Ax should he need to spend any more time in hospital. Highlighting the faith McMahon had in Demolition and their importance to the company at the time. They had a look of being something from the Mad Max movies as you can see below.

Demolition Tag Team WWF with Belts aloft
In their Tag Team attire, with belts aloft.

Demolition and their Tag Team Success

Demolition were exceptionally successful as a tag team. As they held the belts (WWF World Tag Team Titles) for a then record breaking run of 478 consecutive days. This run being in the form of an Ax and Smash Tag Team in 1988. Losing the titles to the very underrated team of The Brainbusters in 1989. This would not be the end of their success in the company. Demolition holding the titles on another two occasions. Regaining from The Brainbusters and avenging their loss. This once again being just Ax and Smash. Losing the belts to a terrifying combination of Andre The Giant and Haku. They Once again avenged the loss and got the titles back from the same opponents who had taken them away. Their 3rd run as champions was with the addition of Crush into the team.

Did they have any singles success?

Bill Eadie did a lot of work in the independents and did have some success to some extent. Check out some of the belts he won , as the list is quite extensive. Nothing on the list is from a promotion as mainstream as the WWF (Now WWE), being part of the success with Demolition is almost certainly the most impressive achievement on the list of wrestling accolades Eadie has earned.

Barry Darsow had a bit more of the limelight in the WWF and then WCW outside of Demolition. Darsow becoming The Repo Man in 1991; featuring in some fairly prominent WWF stories. Like when The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase would hire him to help defeat Virgil for the Million Dollar Championship which you can see below. Darsow is over 10 years younger than Eadie and that is most likely the main factor in him going on to being more involved with WWE in a singles capacity. Later going to WCW and wrestling their on two separate occasions. Demolition’s success is the pinnacle of the success Darsow had within the wrestling business. Even if he did execute his Repo Man character with excellence.

Brian Adams, sadly passed away too soon , dying at the age of 43 in 2007. Up until this point he hadn’t really had any singles success to not, but had notable tag team success outside of Demolition.

How did things end for the tag team of Demolition?

The title winning success came to an end at Summerslam 1990. The belts were lost to The Hart Foundation. They would never again be recaptured. Legion of Doom who were exceptionally popular and had a similar style of gimmick, had recently signed for the WWF at this point. Therefore contributing to some of the loss of popularity for Demolition. Near the end of 1990 Ax would leave the WWF. Crush and Smash would continue to have occasional tag matches after this point, and somewhere late in 1991 they had all went their separate ways.

Ax would have some legal battles with the WWF over the name and usage of the demolition gimmick and then later against the WWE in a class action lawsuit in regards to traumatic brain injuries. The WWF( WWE) coming out on top of both of these legal disputes. Ax finally called it a day and retired from Wrestling in 2017 shortly after wrestling a match with a version of demolition on the Independent circuit.