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Don Muraco Wrestler turns Podcaster

Don Muraco is a former wrestler from Hawaii. Often, he went by the name of ‘The Magnificent Muraco’. Best known for his time in the 1980’s WWF (Now known as the WWE). He had great success in the business in the 80’s. He was twice the intercontinental champion. After the inception of the King of the Ring tournament in 1985, he would be the first winner. He was acknowledged by the WWE in 2004 with an induction to their hall of fame. This article picks a few of his best match ups of the 80’s.

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Don Muraco vs Pedro Morales

Muraco had a ongoing feud with Pedro Morales in his early years in the WWF. He joined in 1981 and was quick to capture the intercontinental title from Morales, however Muraco would lose it back to Morales after a reign of a few months. Later he would regain the title in 1983, once again from Morales.

Skip to 48 minutes in – Muraco winning the IC belt on June 20th 1981

Iconic moment against Jimmy Snuka

When people talk about iconic moments in wrestling, many think of the moment Jimmy Snuka majestically jumped off the top off the cage onto his rival at Madison Square Garden. His rival was none other than, Don Muraco, but Muraco doesn’t get the credit he deserves for his contribution to the moment. Skip to 17 minutes in the video below if you want to check out the iconic moment.

Wrestlemania IV vs Dino bravo

Wrestlemania IV showcased a 14 man tournament for the World Heavyweight Championship. Two wrestlers with similar physiques were pitched together in the first round. Dino Bravo was Muraco’s opponents. They had a memorable first round match. The winner was slated to match up with Ted Dibiase in the next round. Bravo was disqualified by dragging the referee into the on rushing Muraco. Muraco would be pinned and defeated in the next round, by losing finalist Dibiase. Check out the match below and see Muraco get the win.

Don Muraco now

Don Muraco now has his own podcast at the age of 72. You can check out the channel on YouTube or visit his own website. He gives some great insight and stories into wrestling and other wrestlers from throughout his career. We urge you check it out, if you want to support Don Muraco.