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Fast & Furious Franchise Reaches All New Stupidity

Fast & Furious 9

Fast & Furious Franchise, has over time become more of a parody of itself. The initial film and arguably the some of the following movies were ground breaking with the high octane action scenes. Taking racing scenes to whole new levels , with beautiful visuals of cars people could of only dream of driving.

The latest instalment has perhaps taking things a little bit too far with what they expect the audience to swallow. Yes it is an action film, which we know can often have scenes which are unrealistic. Scenes where they exaggerate the hero’s and villain’s capabilities. The latest offering from Vin Diesel and co has really exaggerated things and not everyone in the audience will be able to accept these scenes.

Watch the trailer below.

If you have not already seen this movie be careful as there are spoilers ahead.

The good points of Fast & Furious 9.

We get to explore the background of the Dom Toretto’s character and his relationship with his brother Jakob (Played by John Cena). This part adds to the overall franchise and sheds some light onto the past to understand the character more and his motivations. The performance of Cena is believable as Dom’s brother.

John Cena as Jakob Torreto

Tyrese Gibson offering comic relief as is standard with the movies from this franchise. Working in tandem with Ludacris ,Gibson puts in a good comic performance. Fans of the franchise will be pleased to know has yet to grow stale.

We do have some cool car chases as we would expect, it feels like less than normal in this movie though. It feels a bit lacking in this department, or maybe they have just become a little bit boring now we are onto the 10th installment of the franchise( if we include Hobbs and Shaw).

The bad points of Fast & Furious 9.

Went too far with some of the things they expect audiences to accept. In particular , taking a car to space to destroy a satellite. Yes , that is right. They take a car, to space. This is as stupid as it sounds, and whilst it is funny. This is where the danger lies in Fast and Furious becoming a parody of itself. Another example of where the action gets a little bit too silly is , Jakob drives his car off the edge of a cliff only to gobbled up by a swooping plane/drone seamlessly.

The drone which flies by and catches Jakob

The return of Han was very predictable in terms of how it happened. His role was very minimal and the movie could of worked without his return. Unless there are big plans for his importance in the future it seems silly to bring him back for the sake of bringing him back. That is an option.

The bad guys in the movie, were just plain boring and the twists were too predictable. We had a young scorned millionaire with issues with his father teaming up with the bad ass brother (Jakob) to get a super weapon to lord over the world. Throw into the mix a hacker called Cipher, theres always a hacker isn’t there.

Should you go and see this movie?

I would give the movie around the 5 out of 10. If your at a loose end and wanting to go and see something at the cinema, its an easy watch and providing you have seen the other movies you will get some form of enjoyment out of this movie. It does add to previous characters developmental arc.

If you can’t stand things which are unrealistic and predictable twists with lazily written bad guys. Probably give this a miss. If your feeling like the franchise is heading in the wrong direction and has been getting too farfetched you may want to avoid. This is more of the same, pushing the boundaries of stupidly unrealistic scenes in some moments in the movie.