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Happy Humphrey – Wrestler could eat 15 full chickens

William Joseph Cobb was a wrestler born in 1926. He performed as a wrestler from 1951 until his last ever recorded match in 1973. He was an extremely heavy wrestler, often billed as over 800lbs. His true weight would fluctuate due to his large size. In 1951 his in ring name for his first match was Big Humphrey, then later than year he fought as Humphrey Pennyworth. Finally moving onto using the name of Happy Humphrey in 1958. Sadly life was not easy for Cobb who would struggle to fit into regular society due to his massive size. Similar struggles have been reported about Andre The Giant due to his height.

Happy Humphrey Heaviest Wrestler Ever

Rivalry with Haystacks Calhoun

Humphrey would have a rivalry with another heavy wrestler, Haystacks Calhoun. Humphrey vs Haystacks Calhoun apparently headed a bill at Madison Square Garden in the early 1960’s, this was promoted by Vince McMahon Snr*. The record for the clash between the two show Calhoun getting all wins when they faced off, according to the data on none of which seem to be the aforementioned showdown at Madison Square Garden. He had to retire in 1962 and perhaps the moments they shared in the ring, could be described as a passing of the torch of the big man style/gimmick.

* Unable to verify if this information is correct.

Retirement aftermath

Having being forced into the decision to retire, by a heart condition. Cobb began to put on even more weight, it is unsure if this was down to exercising less due to no longer needing to wrestler, or eating more as a way to cope with the loss of wrestling from his life. He went up to a massive 900lbs and would struggle to move around even a few steps at this weight. He would eat on occasions no fewer than 15 full chickens in on go. A full chicken is around 1037 calories which means Happy was eating over 15,000 calories in one go. It is amazing to think that is similar to what the average person consumes in one week according to recommended calorie intake. What happened next was equally amazing.

Happy Humphrey weight loss

Given the sheer size of Happy , if you heard he was in the Guinness Book of World Records. You would naturally assume it would down to his size, or perhaps possibly his wrestling achievements. Maybe even for eating the most chickens in one go. In fact he was part of a study to study weight loss. The study lasted two years, and Humphrey earned a place in the record books for losing more weight than anyone had previously recorded. He went from 802 lbs when arriving to just 232 lbs when leaving around two years later. Amazing achievement. By the time he had died in 1989 he had moved back up to 600 lbs again.

Footage of Happy Humphrey Wrestling

There is very minimal amounts of footage of Happy Humphrey wrestling around. We were able to find the clip below, which showcases the style he would wrestling in. The quality is not great , but it was from a 1959 bout with Jack McArthur.

Happy Humphrey vs Jack McArthur