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How Still Game Could Return ?

Still Game Could Return
Jack and Victor’s Skeletons

Still Game, one of the best sitcoms ever made. Came to its end in March 2019. The decision to end the long running series was made by its creators Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill They stated it will defiantly be the last series. The way it ended seems like it was a creative effort to close the door on any future return. Giving the show and it’s characters finality. We are going to look at how Still Game could return to our screens in the future.

How might things change in the future?

Things are constantly changing in this life. Of course Ford and Greg felt it was time to move on and do other things when they decided to end the show. They perhaps even felt they should end it in a way that they could not go back on their decision in the future. Even forcing home the point in the stage show which followed the final episode. Which showed footage of their skeletons and singing a song titled “We’re Deid!’. Read more about that here.

The final stage show truly hammered home the point that Jack and Victor are ‘Deid’

Do not underestimate what could be achieved by Ford and Greg if they decided to bring back the show in the future. If they feel the need to address some new issues in society that the elderly may face. If they develop some new ideas for the characters in their time away from the commitment to consistently create content. Maybe if they find themselves in the position of financial hardship. Still Game could be seen an appealing vehicle to meet these aims of the creators in the future.

How could Jack and Victor return to screen?

There is another option in which Still Game could return, the prequel. Jack and Victor could come back in an earlier time frame. Maybe just after their wives have died. We have seen glimpses of earlier time frame with flashbacks in other episodes. We could get a series about how Jack and Victor transcended into being pensioners. The time frame of them being on the cusp of it. It could be an option for the characters.

Still Game could return with a sprinkle of creativity and a new season could start with Methadone Mick waking up after a heavy night. The death of Jack and Victor being a premonition he has had in his intoxicated state. This not being in line with the character development of Mick, but a small price to pay if it opens the door on a return for Jack and Victor.

Methadone Mick dreamt it all?

Finally, we could have a series in which Jack and Victor are just bit part characters. Maybe we have a spin off and it is all about Navid, and it is set before the death of Jack and Victor. We could finally bring Meena into the fold and see her face now since it was revealed in the final episode. Jack and Victor could still occasionally come into the shop and talk with Navid.

Still Game Could Return at the Cinema?

Could we see a feature length episode , dare I suggest a film of sorts? We see Jack and Victor about to ascend Ben Lomond. People who seen the final stage show were privy to the sight of the skeletons of Jack and Victor. What happens in between that time frame? Could be we get the journey and the final farewell of the characters? Rather than the fading away we are left with in the final episode. It is a possibility. It would be an amazing experience to see Jack and Victor on the big screen.

These are just possibilities of how the characters could return in the future in some capacity. The key thing would be if it’s creators decide that they have some relevant stories for the characters. This might trigger them going full turn on their decision to give the show finality. I am sure fans would be excited and willing to accept them should they decide to return.

Signs of being Still Very Much Game?

Jack and Victor recently visited us from beyond the grave, to announce their very own whisky. Which can be found at Hopefully this venture will lead to a return of some form as they have been a big miss since calling it a day. I am currently awaiting my delivery of the good stuff now from my postie, hopefully it is not being delivered by that useless nae user, Chris or else I will most likely have to haul my ass down to the depot to pick it up because he cant be bothered to hump parcels around all day ( Just like he did to Victor and his gift from his son John).