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King Kong Bundy 5 Count Wrestling Genius

The King Kong Bundy 5 count, was a demand from wrestler King Kong Bundy to the referee to continue the count beyond the winning 3 count. He would get an additional 2. Bundy did this to add to his character of being an unstoppable force, who could crush other credible wrestlers. He got the idea from the promoter Bill Watts. Mid South Wrestling commentators would often reference that this was in the contract of Bundy. It was clearly part of his gimmick of being an unstoppable monster who could not only beat other wrestlers, but squash them.

If you couple the King Kong Bundy 5 count with the power he would use to get out of a pin from opponents. Then he would appear to be a monster to the crowd. Bundy would often press his opponent into the air after they had received a 2 count. Sending them flying into the air.

King Kong Bundy 5 Count

Bundy was the ultimate heel wrestler.

Bundy can be regarded as being an incredible heel wrestler. His ring psychology was fantastic. Even beyond the demand for a 5 count. Bundy would expertly remonstrate with the referee when his rival would land a move that rocked him. Strong punch or elbow, Bundy would complain. An early example of this is King Kong Bundy vs Junkyard Dog* in 1983 on the fantastic Mid South Wrestling

When people talk about the art of wrestling , ring psychology is one of the things they are referencing. You can find out more about ring psychology here, which goes into great depth into what makes great ring psychology. One of the key components of it though is storytelling. King Kong Bundy matches always had feel like you were watching a great story.

Some Key Bundy Matches.

That story might be a David vs Goliath type story, like the earlier mentioned match against Junkyard Dog, with Bundy as the giant. Despite his giant size, Andre the Giant vs King Kong Bundy* cast Bundy in the role of David as opposed to Goliath. King Kong Bundy, always found a way to be a great heel, even when he was against Andre, where some people may of been tempted to take pity on him facing a bigger man. Bundy still gave off that ultimate heel vibe working on a kayfabe Andre sternum injury.

The King Kong Bundy 5 count, played a part in the further elevation of the invincibility of Hulk Hogan in his prime. This clip of a Hogan vs Bundy match shows Hogan kicking out after 2 against Bundy. Bundy had been built up over time as beating people with a 5 count, or losing matches where he would of won with a 3 count. This did not hold true against Hogan. Bundy would face Hogan and lose in steel cage at Wrestlemania 2.

Wrestlemania 11 , King Kong Bundy would take on another big man. The Undertaker vs Bundy makes up part of The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak. Bundy was an early part of building up the Wrestlemania invincibility that The Undertaker enjoyed for many years. King Kong Bundy would lose by pinfall. During this time period of his career, he had aligned himself with the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase; another masterful heel.

Bundy is arguably one of the most underrated heels ever to grace the ring.