Silvertwin debut album is fantastic


Silvertwin have released their self titled debut album. The band is the brainchild of the exceptionally talented Isaac Shalam. The influence from 60’s , 70’s and some 80’s songs can be heard in every song. The sound is something very nostalgic , but also sounds fresh due to the lack of new music coming out in this space. The band did not play any official shows until 2020. Selling out some local venues in London. Silvertwin are a must listen to fans of bands like ELO and Wings. Silvertwin are sure to go to be at the very least modestly successful, if there is any justice in the industry. They have a unique sound for this time and the sounds sound professional and polished.

Stand out songs from the Album

I would rate this debut album a 9/10, simple because it only has 10 tracks and 9 of them fantastic. Check out Silvertwin on Spotify and decide for yourself. You may just find out that they are the band you are missing from your life.

The Album gets off to a strong start the the song entitled “Ploy”. This song has drawn strong comparisons to ELO and it isn’t hard to notice why. Steady and uplifting the song goes about its business in drawing you in with a relatively dramatic and slightly melancholy start, but the progression as the song reaches the midway point, is that the feel of the song has changed, you are fighting not to nod your head and tap you foot to this fantastically rhythmic opener. Another stand out song is the “Love Me Hate Me”, once again the composition of the song is great; the rhythm draws you in further toe tapping. All this songs on this album are worth listening to, and it is the type of album which many have a different favourite. This is the quality of the album.

What next for Silvertwin after debut album?

After the restrictions on venues and lack of opportunities to perform live as often as they would of hoped. It is likely that they will play gigs even socially distanced ones and give fans a chance to hear this debut album live. Given the variation of the music style compared to contemporary artists, success beckons. If they retain the magic which has been put into the songwriting which is evident on this album, then a follow up could be equally as good. It may even better as the band evolves.