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Still Game Edith Episode list

edith still game
Maureen Carr as Edith

Still Game character Edith is played fantastically by Maureen Carr. Edith is a recurring character who features from the very first season up until the final series; she features in 8 episodes in total. Maureen Carr enjoyed playing Edith in the run of the show and felt the character was great. This is despite being one of televisions ugliest looking characters.

We meet Edith in Still Game, as the ugly sister of Jack’s love interest Barbara in the season one episode “Courtin”. Jack and Victor go on a double date with Barbara and Edith, much to the joy of Winston who makes fun of her calling her a munchkin. Edith is left disappointed at the end of the date when Victor gets her in a playful headlock and scratches her on the head before she gets on the bus home. Victor likely hoping this is the last he will see of Edith again. Edith though thankfully for the audience, crops up throughout the rest of the run of Still game. She undoubtedly contributes to its charm and humour.

Still Game Edith Episode Appearance’s

Still Game Edith as the Quizmaster
Edith as the quiz master

We have to wait until Season Three of Still Game before we see Edith again. She appears in the episode “Swottin”. In this episode Jack and Victor start taking a first aid course, and the Clansman decide to host a quiz night. Edith is the wonderfully gruff sounding quizmaster for this event. This is a great use of Edith’s trademark hoarse sounding voice.

We again have to wait several episodes before we see Edith again. Edith appears next in season six, in the hilarious “Hot Seat” episode. Isa is looking for male companionship. Isa listens to Navid, and uses an ugly friend (Edith) to make her look better by comparison. This fails as Edith meets an old flame who looks like a male version of herself and they head off together. Edith proving popular with the men once again despite her looks, having previously waking up in bed with Winston in an earlier episode. Season six has another appearance from Edith; the Christmas special entitled “Plum Number”. In this episode she is intent on joining the choir despite her raspy voice.

We next get to see Edith in season eight in the episode “The Fall Guy”. In this episode Edith is in top form, challenging Isa for the attention of Callum Coburn. Callum being a stuntman from Hollywood returning to his Craiglang roots. Edith trying to add another notch to her bed post.

Still Game Edith’s Final Appearance’s

Still Game Edith after her makeover
Edith after make over

In season nine, the final season of Still Game. Edith features in three episodes. First off she features in “Local Hero”, in which she advances herself onto Winston, when he becomes a hero by stopping a thief from stealing from Isa. We enjoy her presence once again in the episode “Cat’s Whiskers”, in which she gets a makeover. She becomes a lot more appealing to the eye. This is in the pursuit of becoming the host of a travel show. Edith and Shug are named joint hosts together of the travel show after a hilarious audition process. She and Shug jet set off together at the end of this episode.

In the final episode we get to hear the unmistakable voice of Edith one final time. Shug is having a video call with the gang who are in The Clansman. Edith who can not been seen is heard asking Shug if he is coming back to bed. Adding one final notch on her bed post in the Still Game journey from Season One to Season Nine. Could Edith and Shug have a spin off? Who knows what might be in store, click here to read hear about if Still Game could return in the future?