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Still Game Ken Dodd

Still Game Ken Dodd is Episode 5 in Series 5. The episode does not star Ken Dodd , it has a character by the name of Ella who looks like Ken Dodd play the wife of character who commits suicide. Jack and Victor are at the ready to help trying to make her feel better after the incident. Making a pigs ear of it like only they can.

Still Game Ken Dodd
Jan Wilson stars as Still Game Ken Dodd Lookalike

Ella is played by Jan Wilson who starred in four episodes of Taggart and also the shows Lovejoy and Bergerac. It is worth mentioning she was also in Rab C Nesbitt too, which highlights her skill of playing a supporting character in a sitcom.

Jack and Victor’s reaction to the Still Game Ken Dodd Doppelganger?

Jack and Victor have a whip round in The Clansman. They then don’t want to give the money to Ella the Ken Dodd Doppelganger as they have never her before. Ella invites them into the house as Isa introduces them. When they sit down, Jack begins with the Freudian slips, ‘We were sorry to hear that Hughie was Dodd’. The scene doesn’t get much better for Jack and Victor digging themselves deeper into a hole as per there usual way.

Why didn’t we get to see more of this character?

It is a shame we didn’t get to see more of Ella. She could of developed a cult following similar to Edith. The Ken Dodd jokes make have been used up already in this episode, but the lookalike aspect of Ella makes her stand out and memorable. This could of been utilised more in further episodes. The end product of Still Game though was great. The fact they didn’t need to use Ella again or Big Innes or other funny memorable characters, is a testament to shows overall quality.