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Still Game Navid

Who is Navid in Still Game?

The Still Game character Navid is played by the Sanjeev Kohli. He is a recurring character who features from the very first season up until the final series. He is often interacting with his wife in the show, Meena. We do not get to see her face though during all but one episode of Still Game.

Still Game Actor Sanjeev Kohli who plays Navid
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Navid is a no nonsense character, who cuts straight to the point. He is funny and has a great sense of humour. Despite him being known in Craiglang as someone not to mess; he shows signs of a more caring side in some of his appearances. He loves games and technology.

We first get to see Navid in the 3rd episode of Still Game; Cauld. This is the episode where we see Craiglang take on a cold weather snap. This first appearance of Navid is brief. Jack and Victor visit his shop to buy a couple of scratch cards (Lucky Donkeys). The dialogue is short. Navid goes on from this initial appearance to become one of Still Game’s funniest and much loved characters. Navid features once again in the 4th episode of Still Game, which is also the first time we see Edith. We see him again for another 49 episodes after this.

Navid the wind up merchant of Craiglang.

With Navid being in 51 episodes of Still Game in total. He has many funny moments, over these appearances, which vary in length. Some episodes feature Navid more prominently than others. Series 1 Episode 5 entitled ‘Waddin’, is the first episode which Navid is heavily involved in the plot. We are see for the first time his dynamic with Meena in this episode also. There is plenty going on this episode , but it confirms Navid as the ultimate wind up merchant, keeping Jack and Victor hanging on for their wedding invites. Not to forget his shock to see old Wullie Mckintosh back from the dead eating his penny chews.

Still Game Navid Famous Quote
One of Navid’s great one lines.

Navid’s sarcasm and wit is on full display when he ridicules Pete for blaming a fox for eating from the bins out the back of the shop, in ‘Buntin’ (Series 2 episode 8 ). Which turns out to be true later on and Navid feels bad, which shows how he is the caring shopkeeper. Series 3 episode 1 (called Hoaliday), Navid revels in winding up Isa about her possible relationship with Winston. He is once again in his element in series 3 episode 6; when Isa is told she is going to be run down by a car by the fortune teller. He really can’t help but playfully wind up Isa. Later in the same episode Jack asks Navid to refuse to sell him tobacco under any circumstances, Jack testing him a few seconds later and Navid offers him the tobacco straight away.

More incidents of Navid winding up other characters in Still Game

Season 4 starts off with Navid as his usual self , winding up Isa by making her go behind the beads so Jack and Victor can give him the gossip. Then again asking Wullie if he wants flavoured or ribbed condoms. In episode 3 of season 4 , he loves winding up Tam about the cash and carry. Season 6 episode 3 when people are panic buying in Craiglang, Navid has fun winding up his customers and basking the glory of money flowing into his till. Season 7 Navid loves sharing a joke and with Walter and winding up Winston by saying it is a better laugh than Winston ever gave him. He has many more throughout the run of the show. In Still Game Navid is king of the verbal sparring with customers, but even more so with Meena.

Still Game’s Navid is the caring shopkeeper.

Despite Navid being straight talking, he is also the voice of reason and also kindness. In the episode ‘Wummin’, Navid is closed but opens the shop again so that Bert can come in and get shopping. He knows Bert has lost his wife and is willing to open the shop up to help him despite it being passed regular closing time. He comments that he wasn’t going to let Bert in as he thought he was a Jakey. In season 4 episode 5 we see that Navid is a very tolerant as he chastises Isa for being nosey and spying on Jack and Victor as she thinks they are gay. He essentially says its not a big deal that they are gay; whereas Isa and Tam rush off to spread it around.

One thing which we may never know, is did Navid know that he was giving Winston a tin of cat food with a £500 prize in it in the ‘Scones’ episode? How could he know that when the can is sealed? Is this a wind up from Navid or an act of kindness towards Winston in one of his low points.

Season 9 episode 2 , Navid once again shows his caring side and tries to give the young shoplifter a chance to earn his way out of the trouble he is in from shoplifting by doing a paper round instead of punishing the lad. Series 9 Episode 5 , Navid offers Winston his air miles to help out and a place to stay in India to help give Winnie a honeymoon to remember. In the final episode Navid once again shows his more caring side by helping Isa out of her obsession with giving money to charities.

Recommended Still Game Episodes with Navid in.

Here is a list of a few of the key episodes which feature a lot of Navid where we get to see a lot more of this character. These are not necessarily the episodes with Navid’s funniest moments in, but episodes we see a lot of Navid. Or we see a big development on his Character.

  • Wadding (Season 1 Episode 5)
  • Ring (Season 4 Episode 4)
  • Hard Nuts (Season 5 Episode 4)
  • Hootenanny (Season 5 Episode 7)
  • Hyper ( Season 6 Episode 5)
  • The Undrinkables ( Season 7 Episode 2)
  • Small Change ( Season 7 Episode 4 )
  • Down and Out ( Season 7 Episode 6)
  • Pie ( Season 8 Episode 5)
  • Dead leg – Part two ( Season 9 episode 4)