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Terry Funk Music Album – Hidden Gem from Wrestling History.

Surreal feeling listening to a Terry Funk Love Song.

Terry Funk made a music album back in 1983. Yes, the hardcore wrestling legend, one of wrestling’s legitimate tough guys. He made a music album call Great Texan (what else would it be called). Your probably wondering if this is true right about now, seriously check it out yourself here. Funk’s appeal in Japan must of led to the decision he could make money with this venture, as the album artwork and some of the songs seem aimed at the Japanese market.

Things get off to a semi respectable start with the first track of the album, but at track 2 it gets a little bit surreal. Check out the song right below and be prepared to have your mind blown. The song is so bad, it actually comes around full circle and it becomes good again. Like you can’t bare to turn it off, and your actually left a little bit confused that this is the badass hardcore wrestling legend Terry Funk. The Terry Funk who would go on to become the king of the death match.

Who wrote the Terry Funk songs?

Jimmy Hart was actually the one who wrote the songs. Terry Funk was too cheap in his own words, to pay someone to write the songs for him. He laughs at himself, being a 35 year old professional wrestler and singing a song called , ‘We Hate School’. Jimmy Hart actually recorded the song ‘We Hate School’ previously. The Terry Funk Music Album version is in my opinion not as good as the Jimmy Hart version. Hardly surprising to be honest. Check out the Jimmy Hart version below, its quite catchy once you see past the fact it is a grown man singing it.

Terry Funk’s Sense of Humor Shines Through.

Track 5 which is entitled Barbara Streisand’s Nose, shows Funk’s sense of humor coming through on the album. The lyrics are funny for the time and it shows Funk’s fun side. Which people who are familiar with Terry Funk, will assure you he is a very funny man. This can surprise some people given he was a master of giving a serious and intense promo. Check out Barbara Streisand’s Nose and see what you think;

Another Surprising Wrestler with the Music Bug.

Terry Funk is one of several wrestlers, who have had songs out. Jimmy Hart as mentioned above made songs. Roddy Piper ventured into the music scene in 1992 with I’m your Man. That is hardly surprising either given the sheer all around entertainment value of Piper, who would go on to have a part in the hugely successful It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia before his death. Jerry Lawler had a venture into the music industry also. An old rival of Funk, perhaps they could have a singing match in 2021 for old times sake, I think I could enjoy Lawler vs Funk competing again each other doing almost anything. Here you can see other wrestlers who have had a music venture. They are however missing a very good song from none other than Giant Haystacks which you can enjoy below.