The Brainbusters ; Underrated WWF Tag Team.

The Brainbusters, were a tag team made up of Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. The Brainbusters had 50% of the original members of The Four Horsemen. They had the potential to have a fantastic long run at the top of the tag team wrestling tree within WWF (now WWE of course). The potential for the long run similar to Demolition , sadly became unfulfilled potential.

Arriving to the WWF in 1988, The Brainbusters were already a successful and well known tag team. They had held the NWA tag team championships on two occasions. Having memorable feuds with top tag teams notably The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express and The Midnight Express. They debuted under the management of Bobby Heenan and kept their in ring personas and their names, something which was not that common for wrestlers changing promotions. The name of The Brainbusters was something that was new to them in the WWF, because they would often point to their heads. Therefore Symbolising they were smarter than their opponents. They would often use the spiked piledriver move to finish matches.

The Brainbusters in action in the WWF delivering a Spiked Piledriver.
Spiked Piledriver from The Brainbusters

How did things work out in WWE?

Things started of well. The Brainbusters were involved against some of the high profile tag teams of the time. Eliminated by The Hart Foundation in a 10 team tag match on there WWF pay per view debut. The circumstances of that match led to an ongoing fierce rivalry with The Rockers. One of these matches on January 23 1989 gaining critical acclaim from pro wrestling illustrated.

Wrestling to a victory against Strike Force in their only appearance at a Wrestleman at Wrestlemania V. Anderson and Blanchard were gaining momentum and heading further up the Tag Team ladder. The Brainbusters set their sights on Demolition, to get their hands on the titles. The Brain Busters managed to defeat Demolition for the titles in a match on July 18, 1989. It was a two out three falls match. Losing the first fall, by pinfall, the Busters were able to gain the second fall, via disqualification, and won the third fall, with some assistance from Bobby Heenan and Andre The Giant. The Brainbusters victory over Demolition, was actually a really big deal at the time. Demolition had a record-breaking 478-day title reign, which the Brainbusters managed to end. They had became the first team to win both the WWF and NWA World Tag Team Championship.

At this point , its going fantastic , clearly cementing themselves as top workers in the WWF in the Tag Team division. You don’t win the titles off a team like Demolition, who had been on a run like they had, if your not regarded highly. They won Tag Team of the Year in 1989 In Pro Wrestling Illustrated. They were clearly hot property in the Tag Team division in 1989.

How it ended for The Brainbusters?

Sadly though, the Brainbusters would not even be able to make it to the end of 1989 in the WWE. Blanchard failed a drugs test. Replaced by Bobby Heenan for Survivor Series 1989. Anderson then left the company and went back to the NWA and that was that. The Brainbubsters were no more. They came in and blazed a trail in the tag team division in 1989 and then it was over, as quickly, perhaps even quicker than they raised the ranks, they were gone again. Had things went differently, and they had another few years in the WWF/WWE together. The Brainbusters would certainly be a lot higher up on opinion lists of the greatest ever tag team. They could of went on to great things, but I don’t think AEW will be looking to reform the Brainbusters any time soon. Hmm or maybe they are?

The Brainbusters Underrated WWF Tag Team
The Brainbusters, ready to go one last time?